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We strive to provide a positive customer experience

Story Genius is dedicated to providing quality products and services for our storytellers and creatives.

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Our values

We believe in a set of core values that guide everything we do

Join our Story Genius community and help shape the next chapter in human and AI storytelling collaboration.



We are committed to help literary and media professionals navigate the challenges of a rapidly evolving technical landscape.



Every human, every story, every idea helps make our world better. Stories allow us to evolve into a more responsible society.



Great partnerships are the key to our success. We are building strong partnerships to shape a new content curation ecosystem.



We are building state of the art tools for next generation storytellers to enhance their creativity and productivity.


What our customers say

Michael D.
Freelance Author
“Can't wait”

This is so simple and straightforward, can't wait to dig in.

Tina W.
Literary Agent / Author

I can't believe it gave me a great outline to help me navigate my story better.

Emmanuel A
Sci-Fi author
“Super helpful”

My problem is I have a backlog of 100+ stories based off my dreams I've had years.

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Our Mission

The mission behind Story Genius

At Story Genius, we are committed to providing a diverse and ever-expanding library of high-quality story prompts that help writers and filmmakers develop unique and engaging stories across a range of genres, tones, and styles.

Our focus is on using innovative and creative prompt engineering techniques to inspire and guide writers at all levels, and to help them overcome any creative block or hurdle in their story development process.

Our mission is to be the go-to resource for anyone seeking to explore the limitless possibilities of storytelling and unlock their full potential as a writer or filmmaker.

our team

The amazing team behind Story Genius

Allen R.
Founder & CEO
Founder Allen Redwing
Head ML, William Mattingly
William M.
Head ML
Nina K.
Literary Technologist
Literary Technologist, Nina Koh
Get in Touch

We're remote

Feel free to reach out to us anytime and share your thoughts, feedback, questions, concerns, or ideas.

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